My Story

" People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to achieve extraordinary things "

– Sir Edmund Hillary

I, Vikas Dimri, an ordinary guy dreaming to achieve the extraordinary.

Brought up in a Garhwali family, in the beautiful city of Baroda (Vadodara), Gujarat, Vikas Dimri's Friends I did what all kids of my generation did. We played sport before and after school. I loved playing football and cricket.

And we did what was expected of us - study well at school and get good grades. And hopefully make an Engineer or a Doctor. So, it wasn't surprising that I ended up qualifying as an Electrical Engineer. And as would normally be expected, I went on to complete my MBA and started working in the corporate world.

The next 10 years went by in a flash. Like everyone else of my generation, I spent 10-12 hours at work - sometimes more, 6 days a week, totally focussed on giving my best at work. I'd had no time to play any games, pursue any sport or passion. I had become unfit and overweight.

In short, I was leading a normal life of a normal guy of our generation. Sincere, committed & hardworking.

Then things changed. We have a history of heart ailment in the family, and my brother going through was a wake-up call. I decided to start to change things. It started with improving eating habits - sticking to meal times, portion size and being conscious of what I ate. I could feel the difference in my health. It motivated me to do more and get back to playing the occasional game of squash!

Vikas Dimri at present I then took up trekking and running. I'd never run 2-3 KM at a stretch, but with training I was able to complete my 1st half marathon in 2012. I went to the mountains and trekked up the most exotic places - Roopkund, Pangarchulla, Dodital, Gaumukh etc. It has resulted in me getting fitter, healthier and at peace with myself.

Today, I consider myself a good athlete. I have completed multiple marathons, am a trained mountaineer and a respected professional.

But I still had this strong desire to do something extraordinary! And what can be more extraordinary than reaching out and climbing the highest mountain on earth.

Mount Everest is My Mission – My mission to do the extraordinary. I want to show to all the 'ordinary' us, that we have it in us to achieve the extraordinary.

I finished schooling and then completed B.E. (Engineering) from M.S. University, Baroda in 1996. Then I moved on to do my MBA. I earned my MBA from SIBM, Pune in 2000. From the campus, I got placed at NIIT.Vikas Dimri's Professional life After that, I have worked with some of India's top corporate companies including Standard Chartered Bank and my present employer, Deutsche Bank AG India.

I have always been in sales, as I like working in a highly competitive, performance driven environment. It's something that keeps me going. I enjoy the challenge of setting benchmarks, surpassing them and setting new goals again. It is perhaps my desire to raise the bar and test my limits by aiming the infinite open sky every time.

Currently, I am the Vice President and Business Head – SME, Trade and Working Capital, in Deutsche Bank AG India.

I have tremendous love and respect for nature, wildlife and human values.Vikas Dimri's Beliefs

I am passionate about protecting nature, its native people and species that co-exist. Economic development should accommodate and take into account the needs of humans and animals, who live off the land.

I like to work for the "right to resources (available on earth)" of every living being. I believe that everyone has the right to their own values and beliefs as long as they do not hurt someone else.

I deeply value responsibility and accountability. I believe it is the responsibility of the privileged to give back to and support the "not so privileged" in improving their lives. It is the responsibility of the strong to support the "weak" in getting stronger.

"Whatever you dream you can do, begin it! I am beginning my next challenge – My Journey to the Top of the World"
Mission Everest

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