One Life One Everest 2018

One Life One Everest 2018

Mt. Everest signifies that impossible goals can be achieved by matchless courage, perseverance, endurance, strength of will, and a marked ability to face and surmount the most formidable of odds. Every dream or a goal starts with the decision to try; and to try again. For us, it is 'One Life One Everest' and we want 'To Be All That We Can Be' to achieve our dream to be at the top of the world.

The expedition nearly takes 7 weeks of arduous climb. It takes nearly 10 days to reach the Everest Base Camp (5437 mtrs) from Kathmandu. From the base camp, it takes two weeks of rotations between the base camp and the higher camps for acclimatization. Final summit attempt takes around 8 days, part of which will be spent in the death zone above 8000 mtrs.

We are a team of three friends from three different spheres of life, with one common ambition – One Life One Everest.

Vikas Dimri
Banker, Mountaineer, Marathoner

Banker by day and a fitness evangelist rest of the time, he's an avid marathoner and an accomplished mountaineer. He's climbing to prove that an Ordinary Man can do Extra-Ordinary things.

Samir Patham
Corporate Trainer, Mountaineer, Fitness Freak

Quit Infy to follow his passion for adventure and mountains. Having climbed mountains in Europe, Africa, India & Nepal he's ready to conquer the final frontier.

Sauraj Jhingan
Entrepreneur, Mountaineer, Trainer

His penchant for taking risks turned him to adventure sports. A qualified mountaineer, life guard and a certified sky diver, he wishes to climb the 7 tallest peaks in 7 continents.

We have a mission. Our mission stands for 'the courage to dream big', the 'discipline to execute' and the 'will to persist' for that one Mt. Everest. It is our humble attempt at proving to ourselves that ordinary men can achieve extra-ordinary feats.

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