Happy Feet

Happy Feet

Kids in the far flung villages of India struggle to manage the basic necessity of a footwear, even as they walk across tough terrain & roads. Most often, they have to make do with no footwear at all.

During our many treks & climbs, we were distressed to see the state of these kids and their feet. With their resilience and innocence, the kids had smiles on their faces and happiness in their eyes but their feet told us a story of deprivation and pain. That’s why ‘Happy Feet’ was born.

Make a mark, leave a print in their hearts, and shoes for their feet

The fortunate and the privileged do not have to worry about their soles. They get a new pair whenever they need. Most often, they get a new pair even before they outgrow the old one. For these reasons, we saw an opportunity to collect discarded pairs of shoes in good conditions, to be distributed to the needy. We have undertaken to collect 29,035 pairs of shoes - one pair for every foot that we climb to reach the top of Mt Everest at 29,035 ft.

We are partnering with Goonj to collect old pair of shoes and reach out to kids who most need them. For the last 18 years, Goonj (www.goonj.org) has been highlighting the ignored basic needs of people. It has been channelizing vast quantities of urban under-utilized material as a powerful development resource. Under its school to school programme, Goonj channelizes shoes (among other basic education related material) to children in hundreds of village schools, aaganwadis and informal setups across the country. But none of the material is provided as charity. Instead, children are provided to work on some learning and behavioral aspects to earn the shoes, clothes, etc. as rewards for their efforts. You can read more about their work with shoes here.

Together, we hope to create an impact and give children that spring in their step that is so natural to them.

Help us by contributing old useable pair of kids' shoes by –

  1. Dropping off the outgrown shoes in good condition at any Goonj’s Dropping Centres.
  2. Couriering your kids' shoes to Goonj offices. Please pack your shoes properly and mention your details on the package. Do not forget to mention "Happy Feet Project" on the package.
  3. Spreading the word among your friends to contribute and spread the message further.

If you wish to run a drive in your work place, society or school, we’ll be more than happy to support you. Please get in touch with us at leena.barick@rediffmail.com / Vikas.dimri@outlook.com for any queries in this regard.

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