Climb to Light

Climb to Light

The pristine mountains of North East India hold mesmerizing natural beauties and attract wanderlusts around the world. But a few know of the hardships that the local people of the untouched terrains of the region go through. While travellers remain content wandering around the motorable roads, the people of the mountains are still living lives deprived of basic necessities like electricity.

So, to cater to the need of the remote corners of the North East, I have decided to collaborate with the NGO, Further and Beyond, for their Batti Project. The Batti Project is a mission to provide renewable solar electricity to maximum homes of villages in the remotest corners of North East. Considering North East people's belief to save nature, using solar energy for electricity doesn't leave any negative impact on the ecosystem of the area.

I have immense love for mountains and a passion to protect nature too. Undeniably, the Further & Beyond Foundation is exploring diverse opportunities to create sustainable solutions. So I realized that the Batti Project is the perfect opportunity to follow my passion. Further and Beyond started the Batti Project in 2012, and has so far lit up 282 homes in 31 villages. Many homes in the far off mountains of North East are yet to see the light of hope and I want to help Further and Beyond achieve their dream.

"Electricity is the only thing that's fast enough to carry the messages that make us who we are." - Dr. Rodolfo Llinas, Neuroscientist

Founders of the Batti Project, Merwyn Coutinho and Rajiv Rathod, are taking the hard part of this task in their hands; to take electricity and light these remote villages. I, Vikas Dimri, being a trekking enthusiast and a man of hills wish to help them fulfil this objective. You can read more about the Batti Project by clicking here.

This collaboration aims at the two main objectives. Firstly, to raise awareness about the people of North East, who are close to nature but distanced from facilities. Secondly, to help generate funds for 'Batti' Project through Openskiez and my Mission Everest.

Your little help could help light up a batti.

You can help us by contributing funds by clicking the PayU money button below:

You can also help us by spreading the word about this cause and asking your friends to contribute and spread the message further.

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