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Child Nutrition - Fruits are Fibre & Fun

The construction industry is the single largest employer of migrant labourers in urban India.They come to cities with their children and live on the construction sites. While they are at work, it is disturbing to see their children being left to fend for themselves. They frequently suffer from malnutrition, injuries and illnesses.

With an intention to do our bit for these kids, OpenSkies and Vikas Dimri have decided to collaborate with Mumbai Mobile Creches (MMC), a 44-year-old NGO, who has been specifically supporting the health, education and safety of children of construction labourers. They run day care centres, which have reached out to over 100,000 children across 270 construction sites in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane in the past 4 decades. This is the only NGO in Mumbai working consistently from 1972 with infants and children on construction sites, providing them all round care and support.

The vision of Mumbai Mobile Creches (MMC) is for all children to have a nurturing and happy childhood. They support child-friendly construction sites, where children of the migrant workers are safe, healthy and educated. You can read more about Mumbai Mobile Creches by clicking here.

“A child's body needs nutrition, not just food.” - Julie Webb Kelley, Author.

Fruits for Thought

In the daycare centres that run on the sites from 08:45 am to 04:30 pm, Monday to Saturday, MMC provides well balanced meals including fruits, to children everyday. We are seeking your support to fund the "Fruits" in their meals. These daycare centres reach over 4000 children every year, and we hope to reach as many children as possible

We have set a target of collecting Rs 3,00,000.00 over the next 2 months – February & March 2017 to provide the fruits in the meal for the children. Considering that we reach about 1000 children in the MMC centres and the price per fruit plate is Rs. 5/-, we can hope to sponsor fruits for 2 months.

To be able to cater to the nutrition needs of 1000 children is a feeling of joy and pride. It requires love, effort and funds. We're reaching out to you to help raise funds for the nutrition needs of the children at the various construction sites in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

You can help us by contributing to Mumbai Mobile Creches directly through our GiveIndia page:

  • You can contribute online a minimum of Rs 100/- on the link here.
  • You can spread the word about this cause and ask your friends to contribute and spread the message further.

If you wish to run a drive in your corporate, society, community or your school, we will be more than happy to support you. Please get in touch with us at / for any queries in this regard.

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