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Impossible is not a fact, it's an opinion.
- Muhammed Ali

One Life One Everest - To Be All That We Can Be

On 18th May, at 6.18 am, I stood on Top of the World!!

It was an incredibly beautiful night when we started off from the South Col (camp 4) at 8.30 pm on 17th May. After climbing through the night, we had the greatest of fortunes to witness an incredibly beautiful and an unforgettable sun rise from the far east as we approached the South summit. The infamous Everest Winds, notwithstanding, we shortly were standing on the top of Everest! The date, time and the moment will be forever etched in my mind. The feeling is indescribable!

It was your prayers and support that carried me to the Summit!! Thank you very much!

My social missions

Happy Feet is my Mission with Goonj to collect 29,035 pairs of used shoes while I climb 29,035 feet towards Mount Everest and distribute them among underprivileged kids. Read more...

I have collaborated with Mumbai Mobile Creches to sponsor the fruits provided in the meals for children in their day care centres for two months, by collecting funds. Read more...

My Preparation

VikasDimri_OpenSkiez_Mission Everest

Climb 29035 feet to provide 29035 happy feet in April 2017

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VikasDimri_OpenSkiez_Mission Everest

Join Vikas Dimri on his Everest Summit mission up to the Everest Base Camp

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VikasDimri_OpenSkiez_Mission Everest

Consistency in terms of training and diet is key to maintaining my stamina and fitness

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Interesting Reads

Together with you, I hope to create a measurable impact on the lives of the underprivileged children.
If you’re looking for a trek that’s challenging but with great views and beautiful campsites with personality, then the Bagini trek is for you.
Our local running community organized a meet yesterday “Meet the Runners”, where some running greats shared their experiences & knowledge.

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